Question of the Day – No. 81

What decision you made changed your entire life?

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52 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 81

      1. No matter how angry or hurt I might be, I make sure to pause before I talk or sometimes, I just smile. Now no one would believe I ever got angry because I’m so cool that they bring matters to me for settlement

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  1. The decision to change to an even tempered person. I was so hot tempered in 2013 that I destroyed a friend’s room for a minor offence. No one could believe the act of the that I was so ashamed and thought that anger could destroy the life I was trying to build

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  2. I made the decision to leave my abusive ex-husband. Saved my own life, but my girls suffered for it. I’ll never be able to erase that for them, but it was what had to be done for me and for them.

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    1. It must have been very hard for you to do it, but I’m glad you managed to take the step. Sometimes we need a wider perspective and lots of strength to do whatever it takes for a better life, even though it hurts like hell in the short run.

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  3. Deciding not to become a teacher after all. I had tried to squeeze myself into that role, but I just didn’t fit, and I was setting myself up for failure and heartbreak trying to fulfill a commitment I wasn’t designed for. If I hadn’t gotten out when I did, I wouldn’t be here, so I’m very glad I made the call. 😊

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